19 & 20 Nov 2017

BlueChilli &
Bangarra, Sydney

MediaMe: Crinkling News kids-only media literacy conference

Finding a way through the information maze is not easy. Illustration: Christopher Downes

We live an age in which young people are bombarded with content from a vast array of sources, on a variety of devices and platforms.

We need to find ways for young people to understand media and make better choices about what or who to trust. For that to happen, we must involve them in the solutions.

This November, Crinkling News will launch Australia’s premiere national news and media literacy conference for children in Sydney.

What is MediaMe?

Children aged 10 to 15 from around Australia will attend and drive the conference, which will take place between November 19 and 20 at BlueChilli and Bangarra Dance Theatre.

They will come up with an action plan to develop and improve media literacy among children and teenagers in Australia.

Sunday, November 19

In working groups guided by journalists, social media experts and academics, the conference delegates will tackle different aspects of news and media literacy with the goal of developing guidelines in each of these areas. Some of the children will cover the conference as junior reporters.

Monday, November 20

A public debate involving children at the conference will be held.

The results of Australia’s first children’s news and media literacy survey coordinated by Western Sydney University and Queensland University of Technology will be announced.

Who will be there?

Media Literacy Leaders

Grace, 10, NSW


Sebastian, 15, WA


Matisse, 11, QLD


Audrey, 10, VIC


Ishan, 10, ACT


Diya, 15, NSW


Speakers & Experts

Nathan Bazley

Nathan Bazley

Host, Behind the News, ABC

Dr Tanya Notley

Dr Tanya Notley

Senior researcher, Institute for Culture and Society, WSU

A/Prof Michael Dezuanni

A/Prof Michael Dezuanni

Associate director, Digital Media Research Centre, QUT

Damien Cave

Damien Cave

Australia bureau chief, New York Times

Chris O'Keefe

Chris O'Keefe

Nine News, 2017 Kennedy Awards Journalist of the Year

Daryl Karp

Daryl Karp

Director of the Museum of Australian Democracy

Edwina Jans

Edwina Jans

Head of Heritage, Exhibitions and Engagement, Museum of Australian Democracy

Blair Joscelyne ("Moog")

Blair Joscelyne

Co-creator of the Mighty Car Mods YouTube Channel

Rocco Fazzari

Rocco Fazzari

Multimedia Artist

Prof Peter Fray

Prof Peter Fray

Professor of journalism practice and co-director of the Centre for Media Transition, UTS

Lots of announcements to come, including more media literacy leaders, speakers and experts, so stay tuned!